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Manual Handling Test Kits

For true versatility, accuracy and flexibility, Mecmesin offers dedicated manual handling test kits to measure force and torque applications when evaluating;


  • Job Task Evaluation - suitability of a person to perform a job task
  • Doors and Building Hardware - ease of entry and safety of door hardware


Mecmesin Manual Handling Kits

Mecmesin offer 2 types of manual handling kit;

1. The Advanced Manual Handling Kit

Includes Mecmesin's Advanced Force Gauge for ultimate precision, accuracy and enhanced testing options.

  • Measures push, pull & torque applications
  • Audible and visual pass/fail alarms
  • Connects to Mecmesin's external force & torque transducers
  • Reversible display


2. The Basic Manual Handling Kit

Includes Mecmesin's mid-range Basic Force Gauge for consistently reliable performance in force measurement.


  • Measures push and pull forces only
  • Easy-to-use keypad interface
  • Suitable for elementary applications

What's included

    • Force Gauge, Displays readings clearly and enables data output
    • Gripping Cradle, Enables comfortable 2-handed operation testing push/pull loads
    • Chain Link Assembly, Grips a variety of differently shaped samples that are difficult to hold
    • 50 mm Rubber-faced Compression Plate - prevents damage from metal to metal contact
    • Test Hook

The contents of the kit is suitable for the majority of manual handling applications and comes packaged in a rugged transit case to protect the equipment, enabling easy transport.

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