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Emperor™ Lite

Mecmesin's affordable data acquisition and plotting software

Emperor Lite provides a user-friendly means to evaluate results further for both force and torque measurements. Compatible with a range of Mecmesin test equipment and available in multiple languages, this software offers a simple way to gain valuable information about each samples performance.

Emperor Lite enables you to:

  • View data plotted ‘live’ on a PC screen
  • Work with a simple user-interface
  • Easily identify pass/fail scenarios
  • Perform calculations with ease
  • Produce test reports or export results


  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. 32 bit and 64 bit versions
  • Available in multiple languages.

Please contact your Mecmesin agent if you need to run the software on a version of Windows not listed above.

Simple set-up

With one click of a button, the software is automatically configured to work with the force or torque product selected from a menu of compatible Mecmesin testing equipment.

Help when you need it...

A comprehensive help system is on hand throughout the programme to guide you whenever you need.

Check your test results

Take a fresh look at your test results...

Emperor Lite provides a range of tools to help evaluate results further:

  • Multiple calculations including; peak, trough, average, load/displacement at break and many more)
  • Overlay multiple traces for comparative analysis
  • Colour-coded results to highlight pass/fail scenarios
  • Zoom and timeline functions for viewing areas in greater detail
  • Customisation enabling titles and notes to be added
Post evaluation options

Emperor Lite gives you even more options, once you have finished your initial examination of results:

  • Create summary test reports to store and print
  • Export data to other software e.g. Microsoft® Excel or SPC packages for further analysis
Compatible with

Emperor Lite works with the following Mecmesin products:

InstrumentsTest Systems
Advanced Force & Torque Indicator (AFTI) Vortex-d motorised test system (superseded by the Vortex-dV with VectorPro Lite software)
Tornado advanced manual closure torque tester
Orbis manual closure torque tester

Need More Control?

For fully programmable control of tests as well as in-depth evaluation options, look no further than the Vortex-i range of computer-controlled test systems.

These torque testing systems enable you to design, store and perform tests to your exact specifications, offering the ultimate in test accuracy and performance.