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Economy Handwheel-driven ValuTest-D

Economy Test Stand - ValuTest-D

A simple solution for very basic tension and compression tests

The ValuTest-D manual test stand combines with either a Mecmesin Basic Force Gauge (BFG) or Compact Force Gauge+ (CFG+) to provide an elementary option for very basic tension and compression tests.

Easy-to-use, the ValuTest-D is operated by a handwheel, which gives basic positional control over the crosshead, enabling forces up to 1000 newtons to be applied.

If accuracy is a priority, have a look at the MDD manual test stand.

Key Features

  • Basic control through handwheel operation
  • Simple and economical
  • Compact and portable

Capacity 1000 N (220 lbf)

Crosshead travel (without gauge attached) 258mm (10.2")

Dimensions - Height: 406mm (16"), Width: 152mm (6"), Depth: 233mm (9.2"), Weight: 7.3kg (16lbs)

Gauges sold separately