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compressive shear testing iconCompressive Shear Testers

Compressive shear testing is simply the pushing apart of a material sample along a plane parallel to, and between, opposing forces. Typically it is used to test adhesive bonds, where it is the compressive equivalent of a tensile lap shear test, or the internal strength of a material that is designed to bear shear forces.

A compressive shear test may be single, where one part is pushed down across another, or double, where a bonded section is pushed out from between those on either side. In the case of a single shear, potentially there are cantilever forces also at work, depending on the thickness and flexibility of the material under test.

Types of test

  • laminates compressive shear stress
  • lap shear
  • double sandwich shear
  • compressive shear
  • puncture shear
  • short beam shear strength


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