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closure torque test iconClosure Torque Testers

Closure torque or cap torque testing involves a range of tests for events designed into screw caps and unthreaded stoppers. It can include a measure of the turning force required to overcome safety features (e.g. child-resistance closures, CRC Types I and II), tamper resistance, and to open, or to secure a twist cap or lid. All these features are important, since ease of opening has to be proportional to purpose, including the ability of those with an impaired grip to open a container.

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Types of closure torque test

  • bridge torque (torque to break the joins with a tamper evident band in a roll-on pilfer-proof cap)
  • incremental torque (torque measured in very small steps, e.g. when there is an internal seal)
  • removal torque (against a screw thread)
  • reverse ratchet torque (in a CRC)
  • strip torque (run against and over or ‘cross’ the thread)


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